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Proclamation & Petition: Sharon Must Resign

Fellow Citizens and Friends of Israel!

The Land and People of Israel are in great danger. We, who experienced Soviet totalitarianism, and took part in the struggle against tyranny, recognize the familiar signs—the party oligarchy called “Israeli democracy” is turning into a one-man dictatorship—that of Ariel Sharon.

By adopting Labor’s Disengagement Plan—overwhelmingly rejected by the public in the January 2003 elections—Sharon is guilty of trampling on the expressed will of the nation.

Sharon has also ignored the warnings of Israel’s highest military and intelligence officials.

Sharon is guilty of turning legitimate protests into a crime punishable by incarceration—even of children! Arrests are conducted in the middle of the night, just as it was under Stalin.

Sharon is guilty of telling the cabinet on February 13, 2005, “Anyone who speaks or writes against the Disengagement Plan is guilty of incitement”—a criminal offense. Opponents of Sharon’s Expulsion-and-Retreat Plan are being thrown into jail without due process of law.

Sharon and his collaborators are not only violating the law with impunity, but they have released legions of Arab terrorists who continue to murder and maim Jews.

Sharon is the first prime minister under whose leadership Jewish towns have been systematically bombed without retaliation by the IDF.

Sharon is guilty of ordering the IDF—the army created for protecting Jews from their enemies—to prepare combat units for forcibly deporting law-abiding Jewish citizens.

Sharon is guilty of forcing soldiers to act against their fellow-citizens. Our soldiers are filled with guilt and mental stress.

The most conscientious are being dismissed from the army.

Sharon is turning the IDF into a mob of robots capable of committing almost any crime in obedience to orders from his immoral and ILLEGITIMATE government.

Sharon is guilty of using and deploying the police to suppress every legal civilian protest, thereby leaving citizens at the mercy of robbers, killers and rapists.

Sharon’s devious politics and personal behavior encourage crime and corruption throughout the country. When the law is trampled, when spilling Jewish blood goes unpunished, when thousands of Jews are made homeless and thousands more are awaiting their turn to be evicted from their homes, not knowing who will be next, it is no wonder that psychologically vulnerable individuals lose self-control and resort to violence as happened in Shfaram.

During Sharon’s rule more than 1,000 Jews have been murdered by Arab terrorists—twice the number of Jews killed under his four predecessors. Sharon’s continued rule will not only lead to more Jewish bloodshed but also to the demise of the Jewish state. It is time to stop this murderous insanity and this horrible humiliation of the Jewish people. — SHARON MUST RESIGN!

All who understand—as does former IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen, Moshe Ya’alon—that retreat from any part of Israel endangers ALL of Israel—we urge you to make your way on to the streets with the sign SHARON MUST RESIGN!

If you are stopped by the police, stay where you are, raise the sign over your head and demonstrate at that spot. Call all your friends and relatives around the country to take part. Those who cannot travel to Jerusalem or other Jewish areas threatened by withdrawal must start demonstrations in their own town or location. The demonstrations must spread around the country. It will force Sharon to relocate police units away from areas threatened by his vicious designs in order to save his own shaky position. Sharon’s fall will stop the criminal destruction of Jewish communities in the Holy Land.

Your and your children’s future is in your hands. Do not wait. No one will fight for you unless you fight for yourself. By coordinating our efforts we will compel the dictator to resign and put an end to his criminal policies which are leading Israel to the abyss.


Russians Against Tyranny
Partial list
Rabbi Yosef Mendelevich, Prisoner of Zion
Eleonora Shifrin, Soviet aliya activist since the early 1970s
Dr. Felix-Azriel Kochubievsky, Prisoner of Zion
Yosef Gluzman, Prisoner of Zion
Bella Gulko, human rights activist
Dr. Vladimir Kislik, Prisoner of Zion
Americans Against Tyranny
Partial list
Prof. Paul Eidelberg, (Israel, former officer, US Air Force)
Prof. Herbert B. Sunshine, Attorney at Law (Israel)
Moshe Brody, Ph.D. (Israel)
Irv “Yitzhak” Frumberg, Sacramento, CA (Yom Kippur War veteran)
V. “Larry” Tsimmerman, refugee from Soviet Union, West Friendship, MD
Rev. & Mrs. John D. Shook, Lithia Springs, GA
Bernard J. Shapiro, Houston, TX
Pastor Myrna L. Middleton, Jacksonville, FL
Cheryl Storrs, San Diego, CA
Steve Klein, Ocala, FL
Michael Moss, Brookings, OR
Mary Patricia Gray, Los Angeles, CA
Lisa Michelson, Los Angeles, CA
Moishe & Michal Sachs, Hempstead, NY
Vivian Feen
Marlene Langer, Kew Gardens Hills, NY
Scott Rosmarin, Esq., North Caldwell, NJ
Rebecca Chesner, Maine
Sharen & Randy Spratt, Marietta, GA
Denise Gilbert, Baltimore, MD
Gamaliel Isaac, Highland Park, NJ
Ari Levy, Cambridge, MA
Ruth Choueka, Brooklyn, NY
Ray Antoky, Brooklyn, NY
Eid ben Tzafan Lintz & Zaka bat Levi Lintz, Texas
Gerard & Deborah Giordany, Davie FL
Chaya Stein, Brooklyn, NY
Duane & Mildred Whittlef,
John Stembridge
Philip Hersh, Los Angeles, CA
Gamaliel Isaac, Highland Park, NJ
Kenneth J. Heller, Philadelphia, PA
Melvin & Cathy Cohen, Boynton Beach, FL
Dr. Paul Cocoanto, MN
Ron Singer
Della Merritt, New Jersey
Debbie Berliner, Rancho Cordova CA
Kalman Serkez, Monsey, NY
Professors Against Tyranny
(In process)

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