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Is Israel Being Sold out by its Prime Minister?

On December 23, 2003, Ha’aretz’s Baruch Kra published a summary of a video that links the entire Sharon family to a Greek island tourist resort project. If this summary is accurate—and if it isn’t, Ha’aretz can expect a massive libel suit—mass demonstrations should be organized demanding Prime Minister Sharon’s immediate resignation. Here are the main points of the incriminating video.

“In October 1999, Omri Sharon said that if the Greek island project succeeded ‘there would be enough money to pay us all and get us out of here’ (emphasis added). The Prime Minister’s son is heard saying this to security firm owner David Spector on a videotape obtained by Ha’aretz … It contradicts Sharon’s statement to police, when they questioned him on this issue, that he was never involved in this so-called Greek island affair. (Are the police themselves involved in this corruption? Do they control Sharon and constitute a “government” within a government? Is Israel a POLICE state in the literal sense of the term?)

The incriminating video reveals that “Omri Sharon’s meeting with Spector was several months before Spector was to meet Sharon’s other son, Gilad, to help him collect money that real estate contractor David Appel owed him. Police suspect that payments made to Gilad Sharon were intended as indirect bribes to Ariel Sharon—then holding the foreign and national infrastructures portfolio—in exchange for his help to get permission from the Greek government for Appel to develop the Greek island tourist resort. The permission never came.

“In the recording Omri mentions the real estate corruption Appel was allegedly involved in, including the Ginaton lands near Lod. Today it is known that the primary suspect in the Ginaton affair, apart from Appel, is Prime Minister Sharon, who is suspected of exerting pressure to expand Lod to include Ginaton. This would allow Appel, who had bought lands there, to avoid incurring financial losses.

“At a certain stage Omri asks Spector if he knew of ‘the megalomaniac project in Greece.’ Omri said the chances of carrying out the project were slim but if it succeeded, ‘there would be enough money to pay us all and get us out of here’(emphasis added).

“The police are expected to charge Appel in the Greek island affair soon—probably with bribing Sharon when he was Foreign Minister in Netanyahu’s cabinet. Appel is suspected of transferring millions of dollars to Gilad Sharon by means of a fictitious contract. This was in exchange for obtaining various favors from Sharon, including the promotion of the Greek tourism venture and political help to Appel’s real estate ventures. Police suspect that Sharon gave this help when he was already Prime Minister.”

Here the reader should focus on the key phrase linked to the Greek island tourist project: “if it succeeded, there would be enough money to pay us all—the Sharon family—‘and get us out of here,’”—meaning, to leave the sinking ship of Israel.

Apparently, Israel’s days are numbered. It cannot possibly overcome the fact that 50% of the babies born in the country are non-Jewish, that the Arabs in Israel are never going to be assimilated and become bourgeois democrats, that they will never give up their nationalist aims, and that their higher birthrate will allow them to gain control of the Knesset and the country given the democratic principle of one adult/one vote.

Therefore, if the above mentioned video is genuine, Prime Minister Sharon is selling Israel down the tubes, preparing for his and his family’s getaway like thieves in the night. But what about Shimon Peres? Notice that Sharon is playing the Peres “peace” charade, that both are friends of Austrian financier Martin Schlaff, that Schlaff is interested in a casino in the Gaza Strip, as is the Palestinian Authority whose legal representative is Sharon’s “adviser,” attorney Dov Weissglas.

Is Sharon really in control? Are Big Bucks behind his expulsion and retreat policy? Have the Jews of Gush Katif been sold out—literally?

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