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Revolutionary Article (hebrew)

I urge you to study (and distribute) a superb and revolutionary article by my colleague Prof. Israel Hanukoglu, calling for the resignation of Mafdal (National Religious Party) and Ichud Haleumi (National Union) chairs in the Knesset (for hebrew readers). The article was published by Arutz-7.

The article shows how the two parties mentioned above betrayed the national camp when they signed the coalition agreement with the Sharon Government after the January 2003 election.

It also calls for a national primary before elections to rid Israel of the notorious corruption that has become a commonplace in Israeli politics. To this end, it emphasizes the necessity of having members of the Knesset individually elected by, and accountable to, the voters in constituency or regional elections.

I urge you to convey your support of this article. Please discuss it with your friends and neighbors and make your views known to members of the Knesset, the media, rabbis, and all persons concerned about Israel’s well-being and survival.

Prof. Hanukoglu is a former chairman of Professors for a Strong Israel. He was the Science Adviser to the Prime Minister in Netanyahu Government.

An English translation of this article should be available in the very near future.

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