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1. Those who support the principles of The Jewish National AllianceHazit—but fall for the hoax about “wasting votes on a small party,” actually squander their votes as well as their principles!

2. Consider solid facts: The 925,279 people who voted Likud in the 2003 elections really wasted their votes on this large party, whose leader, Ariel Sharon, betrayed his party’s principles by adopting the Labor’s “disengagement” policy (as did 23 Likud MKs for perks and promises).

3. Add the 173,973 that voted for National Union (NU) and the 132,370 that voted for the National Religious Party (NRP). Both parties not only joined the Sharon government, but also propped it up while Sharon was organizing the military forces and logistics to implement disengagement.

4. Thus, no less than 1,232,000 people wasted their votes in the 2003 election! They voted for parties responsible for the criminal expulsion of 10,000 Jews from Gaza and northern Samaria. And they were forewarned. Sharon had openly supported the establishment of a Palestinian state since 1998. (This is the admitted direction of Benjamin Netanyahu, obscured by his rhetoric about “reciprocity.” Imagine reciprocity vis-à-vis Hamas!?!)

5. One must therefore be desperate or deluded to vote for these unprincipled parties—which is why I deplore Manhigut Yehudit luring people into the Likud, part of whose rubbish formed Kadima.

6. Surely most of those who wasted their votes on the Likud, NU and NRP prefer a genuine nationalist party, of which there is only Baruch Marzel’s National Jewish Alliance. Hazit’s number two man is the eminent Prof. Israel Hanukoglu, former chairman of Professors for a Strong Israel. Hanukoglu not only rejects yielding an inch of Eretz Israel to our Hitlerian enemies. He also recognizes that this insane policy result from a system of government that does not represent the abiding beliefs of the Jewish People—hence, that this system must be thoroughly transformed:

  • All Knesset members must be individually elected by the voters in regional elections.
  • Multi-party cabinet government—the seedbed of corruption—must be replaced by a nationally elected President, whose cabinet will consist of professionals, not rival politicos from the Knesset.
  • The appointment of Supreme Court judges—now dominated by the Chief Justice—must be democratized to prevent the court from usurping legislative powers and from issuing decisions (really decrees) that violate the cherished values of the Jewish people.

The lesson is clear:

Don’t waste your votes on a large party or on pseudo-nationalist parties.

Start building a genuine nationalist camp. Start by supporting

Hazit [ כ ]—The Jewish National Alliance

The only party that has not shifted to the center, where principles are traded for cabinet posts!

Prof. Paul Eidelberg
Chairman, Hazit Ideological Committee

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