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A Post-Election, Passover Message


On behalf of the Yamin Israel Party, we want to thank all of you who voted or rooted for the Jewish National Front—Hazit in the March elections. Yamin Israel is proud of its alliance with Hazit.

Despite Hazit’s very limited financial resources and its being deliberately blacked out by the media, and despite the subversive propaganda against voting for this small party, Hazit received 25,935 votes, the equivalent of one mandate—no mean accomplishment.

We are especially encouraged by the many young people who responded so enthusiastically to Yamin Israel’s program, which calls for nothing less than the reconstruction of the State of Israel on Jewish and revolutionary democratic foundations.

During the election campaign, we showed that Israel’s System of Governance has actually disenfranchised the Jews of this country, that every party in the Knesset has a vested interest in preserving this System even though it divides and confuses the people and renders them powerless. We spoke the truth; we exposed the entrenched lies; which is why so many young people rallied to our cause.

Although we remain allied with Hazit, Yamin Israel will continue to operate as an independent party committed to regime change.

Yamin Israel therefore invites all interested citizens of Israel to join our unique party. Our Executive Committee consists of professional and dedicated people, and we have an Advisory Board supplemented by experts in the United States.

Everyone expects new Israeli elections in the very near future. Hence Yamin Israel invites you to join us Now and help us form teams well in advance of those elections. For this purpose, Yamin Israel will conduct seminars on a subject unheard of in Israeli political science, namely, how every major problem confronting Israel—be it national insecurity and poverty, societal tensions and corruption, lawlessness and injustice, public apathy or diminished national pride—can be traced to the flaws inherent in Israel’s political and judicial institutions, above all, to its sickening parliamentary electoral system.

This is why profound institutional reform is a necessary precondition of changing the demoralizing politics and disastrous course of this nation—and we want you to help us in our all-comprehensive enterprise.

With this grand objective mind, and with gratitude for your enthusiastic response to Yamin Israel’s program, we wish you and your loved ones a joyous and inspiring Passover.

Prof. Paul Eidelberg, President
Eleonora Shifrin, Chairwoman
Yamin Israel

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