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The Goal of a Future Jewish Government: Expansion and Power

One of the absurdities of Israeli governments is their supine policy of self-restraint toward Arab terrorists. When the government retaliates against Arab terrorists, the world’s media multiplies the number of Arabs killed by ten. If Israel is going to be accused of committing genocide for killing 50 terrorists in Jenin, why not kill 500? We lost 23 Jewish soldiers by failing to use air power in that “Operation Defensive Shield.”

Israel should not bother to defend its anti-terrorist actions to an anti-Semitic world. It’s not only futile, it conveys weakness—for it suggests that Israel needs the approval of the nations to defend itself. When President Bush proclaims that Israel has a right to defend itself, that condescending statement is indicative of the contempt with which Israel is regarded by the nations. And, thanks to its pusillanimous governments, there is good reason to despise this misled country.

Ever since Menachem Begin, Israel has been contracting, has been undoing the miracle of the Six Day War. The policy of contraction, otherwise known as “territory for peace,” is nothing but defeatism. This defeatism, which has brought great suffering to thousands of Jews, dooms the Third Commonwealth.

The gentile world will never respect—and Arabs will never fear—a diminutive Israel, especially one whose government seeks to gain foreign approval by a policy of territorial contraction. It was during the premiership of Ariel Sharon, who pursued that spineless policy, when a French diplomat compared Israel to excrement. Sharon’s intermittent targeted killing of Arab terrorists—his indecisiveness—only emboldened the enemy, and, by prolonging the war, fanned the flames of anti-Semitism. Week after week of Arab TV clips of Israeli retaliations for terrorist attacks made Israel appear as the aggressor rather than as the victim acting in self-defense.

So long as Israeli prime ministers think small (and act smaller) Israel will be despised. Constantly seeking the world’s sympathy for the “little” State of Israel has only succeeded in making gentile nations increasingly contemptuous of this country despite its high-tech achievements and (shackled) military power.

Almost every Israeli government has been led by intellectual and moral pygmies. None has sought to make Israel a world power. The very idea would be abhorrent to Jews, indeed, would fill them with fear and trembling. Yet Israel does have the best trained army in the world, the second best air force, and an economy which, despite government waste and corruption, competes well with European nations.

The correct policy for Israel is not contraction but expansion, a policy that will require Israel to maximize its power. Remember, Rome started as a mere city.

The world will always hate a Jewish country that professes universal values but remains provincial or particularistic. If Judaism embodies the truth as to how man should live, then the truth—the Torah—should be Israel’s banner, and Israel should spread that truth far and wide. Especially today, when nihilism or moral relativism permeates the mentality of England, Europe, and the intelligentsia of the United States. I dare say that Israel is the last hope of what remains of Western civilization.

England is no longer a free state. Its government, its universities, its police, its intelligence services, have been eviscerated by secularism and nihilism—a moral vacuum that sucked in Islam. Even the Church of England has become post-Christian and no longer believes in the tenets of Christianity. The bulk of England’s population—fearful of Islamic terror—is openly anti-Israel, hence anti-Jewish.

Multiculturalism in England and Europe is replacing the nation state. The doctrine that all cultures are equal means that the majority culture of any nation has no right to impose its laws and customs on any minority. This is one reason why there is so much hostility toward the Jewish state.

To democracies steeped multiculturalism or moral relativism, the very notion of a Jewish state smacks of racism. This is one reason why Chief Justice Aharon Barak, the high priest of the Left, wants to erase Israel’s Jewish character—and one step in this direction is to get out of Judea and Samaria. This policy is rooted in fear or moral cowardice. That’s what underlies Disengagement or Realignment—fear of Jew-hatred—as if 2000 years of Jew-hatred can be minimized by territorial contraction.

Now, I want to set forth a few objectives which young men and women should aim for. I am not addressing for timid fools. I am well aware of the decadence of Israeli governments, which can be illustrated like this:

Israel has three nuclear submarines, and the CIA says we have between 200 and 400 thermonuclear weapons. Yet this government, despite its powerful army, can’t even prevent Arab thugs—Fatah or Hamas—from sending suicide bombers to reduce Jewish men, women, and children to body parts!

So what should we do? Let’s think positively, constructively; let’s think in terms of making Israel a world power. Here are a few things I have in mind.

First, allow me to say I have been developing the ideas for a Movement for a Jewish Democracy. I have just completed a booklet entitled “The Myth of Israeli Democracy: Toward a Truly Jewish Israel.” The English version is being published in the United States. Russian and Hebrew editions are next. A Jewish democracy will have a global agenda to counter the Islamism now conquering Britain and Europe. Let’s remember that the Septuagint, the Greek translation of the Bible, was intended to bring Judaism to the entire world.

Second, for Israel to become a great power it must obviously destroy the Palestinian Authority and its terrorist network. We must declare sovereignty over Judea, Samaria, and Gaza and defend this against all challenges. A Homestead Act plus foreign investments could attract 250,000 Jews in five years. Tens of thousands of Arabs have already left Judea and Samaria, and, given generous incentives, many more will leave voluntarily as more Jews establish communities in these areas.

Third, Israeli governments have imported almost half a million Gentiles to diminish the political power of Israel’s religious community. We want the religious community to turn the tables on the government by an outreach program designed to facilitate the conversion of those Gentiles! Increasing Israel’s Jewish population is a precondition of increasing Israel’s power.

I am not advocating quick-fix or en masse conversions. But we need a serious conversion policy to spread the Torah among the Gentiles in Israel. If we had a Jewish democracy, hence Jewish national pride and purpose, many, many Gentiles would earnestly want to become Jews as they did in ancient times.

Fourth, we need to inspire young Jews to take their destiny into their own hands. The Torah is their ultimate guide and inspiration. But if they are also instructed in the statesmanship of America’s founding fathers, they can become the driving force for a new System of government in Israel to replace the paltry despotism that is demoralizing and destroying this country. I have drafted—for a future government—a Jewish constitution consistent with the Torah.

Speaking of youth, James Madison, the father of the American Constitution, was only 30 years old when that extraordinary document was drafted. More than any other single factor, the American Constitution made America a great nation. But what is especially significant for Israel is that the American Constitution, as understood at the time by Harvard president Samuel Langdon and Yale president Ezra Stiles, was very much based on the Torah!

The youth of Israel should be armed with this knowledge. They will then become the leaders of a lofty, a powerful, and an expanding Israel. Only such an Israel will be respected by the nations. Only such an Israel will put an end to the genocidal war now being waged against this country. In short, we must inspire youth with grand and noble ideas to overcome the paltriness of Israel’s ruling elites. The good of mankind depends on a truly Jewish Israel.

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