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There Is Not Much Time

Iran has not only declared “Death to Israel”; it has also called for “A world without America.”

Israel and America are the bastions of civilization.

Read Melanie Phillips’ Londonistan. Britain, steeped in moral relativism or nihilism, is virtually comatose. Christianity there is dying if not dead. The vacuum is being filled by Islam.

Read Bat Ye’or’s Eurabia, or Bruce Bawer’s While Europe Slept. There Christianity has been buried by nihilism. Again the vacuum is being filled by Islam.

The United States, where Christianity is still alive, is nonetheless being subverted by left-wing nihilism. America, which cannot survive without Europe, is in danger of losing its soul.

Israel and America, which cherish the sanctity of human life, are both threatened by a Hitlerian doctrine of murderous hatred now emanating from Shiite Iran. The threat is no idle one.

If Iran is allowed to obtain nuclear weapons, it will have the means not only to incinerate Israel and cow an already cowed Europe. It will also have the means to control Saudi oil on which the world’s economy depends.

Now, let it be understood that Iran is a belligerent in the current war in Lebanon. Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmaninejad, has already called for Israel’s total annihilation. Hezbollah is Iran’s spearhead to world domination. It has been reported that Iran has Hezbollah branches in more than twenty countries, including many sleeper cells in the United States.

Contrary to various pundits, Hezbollah is not merely a terrorist organization. It is an Iranian trained and equipped terrorist army, and it is well entrenched in Lebanon’s government. Hezbollah is also supported by the militias of various Lebanese parties and by more than one million Lebanese citizens. Lebanon is not a neutral country. A majority of its citizens is Muslim, mostly Shiite. Like most Muslims, they despise Jews as offspring of dogs and pigs. Lebanon is the front line of Iran’s war against Israel. The destruction of Israel would galvanize the entire Islamic world against America.

We need to inflict a devastating defeat not only on Hezbollah in Lebanon. We need to inflict a stunning defeat on Iran because Iran is the head of the Islamic war against civilization.

I assume that the Israel Air Force, like the United States Air Force, has contingency plans for the destruction of Iran’s nuclear facilities. Therefore, if the United States does not destroy those facilities very soon, the task will be left to Israel.

There is not much time.

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