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The War in Numbers—IDF in Action

If the IAF flew 8,700 sorties, and even if the Lebanese claim of 497 civilians killed were true, that is still 2 dead for every 35 sorties.

A “massacre” ?
Disproportionate ?

Or if 4,600 targets were attacked, that 497 alleged dead means 4 dead for every 37 targets attacked. So, since Hezb-Allah claim some 13,000 rockets, which is nearly 3 times the number of Israeli strikes, the alleged civilian dead amounts to 1 for every 26 Iranian/Syrian rockets held by Hezb-Allah.

A “massacre” ?
Disproportionate ?

Tom Carew.

The War In Numbers
The Jerusalem Post

by Yaakov Katz

Since hostilities broke out in northern Israel and Lebanon 26 days ago,

89 Israelis have been killed including:

46 soldiers and

43 civilians

497 civilians were killed in Lebanon, according to authorities.

400 Hizbullah guerillas were killed, according to the IDF.

2,100 rockets fired at Israel

220 was the highest daily toll of rockets fired at Israel

90 kilometers was the deepest point Hizbullah’s rockets reached, landing near Hadera.

Tens of thousands of tiny metal balls inside Syrian made 302 mm rockets.

8,700 sorties were flown by the IAF over Lebanon

4,600 targets were attacked by the IAF including:

260 headquarters and buildings belonging to Hizbullah

60 bunkers

70 weapons warehouses

30 Hizbullah infrastructure targets

90 Rocket launchers

100 suspicious vehicles believed to be carrying rockets or guerillas

50 bridges

1,200 launch sites and roads leading to launch sites

10,000 soldiers are operating in southern Lebanon

8 brigades are operating in southern Lebanon

20 special covert IDF operations in Lebanon

10,000 short range rockets still believed to be in the possession of HIzbullah.

100 long range rockets still believed to be in the possession of Hizbullah.

Some of the figures represent estimates or had been rounded up.

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