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To Liberate Gilad Shalit

It has been suggested that Israel’s government issue the following ultimatum to Hamas:

Return Gilad Shalit unharmed to Israel or we shall cease supplying Gaza with fuel and electricity.

This suggestion should be carefully weighed vis-a-vis current efforts to obtain Shalit’s release.

In considering this most delicate matter, it should be borne in mind that Israel’s government has released hundreds of Arab terrorists to obtain the release of one or two or three Israeli soldiers, and that many of these released terrorists have gone on to murder Jewish men, women, and children.

Another consideration. The proposed ultimatum would change the long-standing “rules of engagement” which have not only jeopardized and taken the lives of Israeli soldiers, but has also diminished Israel’s deterrent power to the extent of emasculating this country even against its Lilliputian enemies.

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