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What Must Be Done To Save Israel: A Sequel

I have been asked to elaborate on my article “What Must Be Done To Save Israel.”

When I speak of a team of professionals forming an “alternative government,” I mean one whose projected cabinet ministers are housed in Jerusalem and are prepared to exercise political power. However, to dramatize the magnitude of Israel’s precarious situation resulting from the spineless and treacherous character of the Olmert regime, this “alternative government” must organize a “Congress of National Salvation.”

This Congress—I have a working paper for such a Congress—will be animated by one general idea: the necessity of reversing the suicidal direction of this country by means of “regime change.”

Headquartered in Jerusalem, the Congress will have the facilities required to spread its message not only in Israel, but in the United States via a parallel organization strategically located therein. The Congress will organize a grass roots movement to support its territorial and institutional objectives to (1) enlarge Israel, (2) redesign Israel’s system of government, and (3) establish Israel as an authentic Jewish commonwealth (hence to oppose powerful internal forces that want to make Israel a multicultural society—another Sweden).

This is not the place to reveal all that must be done to hasten the demise of the Olmert government. Let the following suffice. The Congress of National Salvation (or alternative government) will have branches around the country prepared to enlighten and galvanize the public in accordance with the program of “regime change.” Once these branches surface, the Congress will hold a national press conference as well as a national convention where it will:

● Reveal the deadly threats confronting Israel resulting from the territorial retreat and defeatist policies of Israel’s government.

● Reveal how the government has corrupted the primary mission of the Israel Defense forces.

● Reveal the inherent flaws of Israel’s system of governance, showing how these flaws render this country incapable of pursuing a coherent, resolute, and long-range national strategy, without which Israel cannot deal with the genocidal threat of Islamic Jihad.

● Show that the “two state solution” to the conflict between Israel and the so-called Palestinians is a cowardly escape from reality, one dominated by the fact that a generation of Arab children has been conditioned to hate Jews and exalt suicide bombers. This murderous hatred has been the staple of Arab-Islamic culture for 1,400 years.

● Using a RAND Corporation study and the warnings of American military experts, show that economic, military, and population density data indicate that Israel lacks long-term viability within its present borders.

● Show that a larger and prosperous Israel is necessary for the good of mankind, specifically, by showing how Israel’s incredible leadership in scientific discoveries, technology, medicine, and agriculture have alleviated the suffering, hunger, and poverty of countless millions of people around the world—and this, despite the unrelenting Arab onslaught on Israel’s civilian population and economy.

● Announce that our professionals have the knowledge and experience and tenacious courage to deal vigorously and constructively with Israel’s domestic and foreign problems.

● Urge the people of Israel to call and clamor for the Olmert government’s resignation and for new elections.

As mentioned previously, this is not the place to indicate other steps needed to topple the Olmert government. But with the right leader—I’ve mentioned General Moshe Ya’alon as an example—the actions of the Congress of National Salvation and its branches will hasten the end of the Olmert regime.

By now our team of professionals will have grown in size and have additional specialized functions. It will already have in the works a “Party to Enlarge Israel” which, as indicated in my previous article, will be well-positioned to attract more that 850,000 floating votes in the next election, enough to form the next government.

The question is whether Jewish nationalist-oriented activists or Jewish non-governmental organizations, reading or presented with the ideas of this article will call and say: “Okay, let’s meet and get these ideas rolling.”

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