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“In God We Trust” is gone…

It’s gone!!

New $1 coin

You guessed it—“In God We Trust” is gone!!!

Today I picked up at Bank of America several of the new $1 coins with the picture of George Washington on it. To my shock and dismay the words, “In God We Trust”, are not on this coin!

A quick search of the other coin denominations in my collection confirmed that every one contained these faithful words. The new George Washington $1 coin is the first money ever issued by the U.S.A. in modern history without the words “In God We Trust”. By omitting these words, our politically correct, secularist leaders made a conscientious decision that either; 1) God does not exist, or 2) that God exists, but can no longer be trusted.

Who originally put ‘In God We Trust’ onto our currency? My bet is that it was one of the Presidents on these coins. All our U.S. Government has done is dishonor them, and disgust me!!!

I am personally offended and fed up with the denigration of God and Christianity in my country.

I am certain George Washington would never have agreed to his picture on the coin if it any way diminished faith in God.

What can we do to show our displeasure? First of all, let’s boycott the coin. Do not ask for it at banks. If it is given to you in change ask for dollar bills instead and tell the person why. Write your Senators stating your displeasure.

Finally, if you agree, pass this e-mail on to others. Collectively, we must send a strong message to those secularists who are trying to remove God from our culture. If we do this, some 300 million $1 coins will back up and rot in the supply chain! To God be the glory!

Together we can force them out of circulation. Please send to all on your mail list !!!

In his “Farewell Address,” George Washington, declared:

Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, Religion and morality are indispensable supports…. reason and experience both forbid us to expect that National morality can prevail in the exclusion of religious principle.

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