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Prof. Eidelberg on Middle East Radio Forum

Through a chain of events and people I have met online, I became aware of the Middle East Radio Forum (MERF), hosted by Attorney William J. Wolf, based in Phoenix. I have listened from time to time, as most of the time we are out and about Sunday at noon.

Friend Dr. Steve Carol, retired historian, sent out an email imploring his email list to listen this past Sunday, August 12. I was home, so I did. I am very glad I did.

The guest was Professor Paul Eidelberg with the The Foundation for Constitutional Democracy, interviewed from Israel. The topic was “The lack of leadership in Israel and is a two-state solution possible?”

Professor Eidelberg went into detail on the political realities in Israel and the way the system is set up there. Although we know Israel to be a democracy, the peculiar circumstances he detailed were revealing and insightful—riveting in fact, for an outsider looking in. I recall thinking more than once, “That explains a lot….”

The Israelis are castigated from time to time in American intellectual and cultural forums for the perceived apathy and malaise of the populace. It is not like that. Professor Eidelberg explains why. I firmly urge you to listen to the August 12 broadcast, which is now archived. It will be an hour well spent, whether you are a Jewish American or a Christian supporter of national Israel.

With an interview like this one with Professor Eidelberg in mind, you will find your view of the Israeli electorate less frustrated.

Middle East Radio Forum (MERF) is a lively talk-radio program with listener participation about historical and current events as to the Middle East with an emphasis on the Arab-Israeli Conflict. It is broadcast live from Phoenix every Sunday at noon KKNT 960 AM and available worldwide on the Internet at

William J. Wolf deserves our full attention. This program is very interesting!

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