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Two Responses to Rabbi Boteach

What do you think of these responses to Rabbi Boteach’s support of Giuliani?

“Most Christians are not so much against Rudi Giuliani because of his personal past, but because of his political views. He is an extremely liberal Catholic. He is in favor of abortions. He is in favor of gay marriage. He is in favor of gun control. He is in favor of National ID cards. He is not anyone that conservative Christians could vote for in light of the same scriptures that both Jews and Christians hold dear. It has nothing to do with his divorces, or his past, it has everything to do with his liberal political views. I for one, am a strong supporter of Israel, but I could never vote for Rudi Giuliani because his political views are not in agreement with the Scriptures. I do not want a President who is for abortion, gay marriage, gun control, and all the other liberal views that Giuliani holds. It has absolutely nothing to do with his personal life, but everything to do with his political life!”

“Giuliani … is probably one of the few real friends of the Jews out there. He is no Saudi-owned and Nazi-nurtured Bush with a murderer for a father!!!! Giuliani never missed even minor Jewish events, from dedications of synagogues and schools, foundation stones, to even bar mitzvahs when he was invited!!! The things he said were never political talk, but from the bottom of his heart: he is a warm Italian who admires and loves the Jews without any envy!”

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