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Motion of No-Confidence in Israel

A message from Francisco Gil-White.

Dear readers,

You have been examining our articles and our documentation [on HIR: Historical and Investigative Research]. You have become familiar with our doomsday scenario concerning the future of Israel, and the danger to the entire West if the forces of Jihadism and revived Nazism are allowed to destroy the Jewish State. Many of you have asked me: “What can we do?” Here is something that we can all do.

Chaim Wolfowicz, a citizen of Israel, created in order to give Israeli patriots, and their allies all over the world, an opportunity to express their disapproval with the Government of Israel. This government is planning to expel the Jews of Judea and Samaria (‘West Bank’) and give these militarily strategic territories to PLO/Fatah, an organization tracing its roots to the German Nazi Final Solution and committed to seeing it through, as we have documented here:

Wolfowicz approached the HIR team for editorial, documentary, and technical assistance in the effort, and we have been proud to participate. The result is a public No-Confidence Motion in the Government of Israel, calling for its immediate resignation followed by national elections. It was published online yesterday evening and it is already gathering signatures. The more we gather, the more we will strengthen the various groups that are working to preserve the Jewish State.

HIR readers can do their part. Here’s what you can do:

1) Send everybody you know to:

2) If they are an Israeli citizen, they can sign the motion. If not, they can sign the Declaration of Solidarity, also provided there. This Declaration of Solidarity is for citizens of any country to express their support for the Israeli patriots.

3) Please ask those who will receive your appeal to spread the word in turn.

4) If you have a blog, write a short note about this and provide the link.

5) Write to other blogs, and ask them to make their readers aware of this.

6) Write to the various websites that defend Israel and ask them to write an article about this motion.

7) If you would like to do more, [contact us].

Together we can win the battle for Israel, and the West.


Francisco Gil-White, Editor
Historical and Investigative Research

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