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Oppose the Saudi-Sponsored “Two-State Solution”

An Open Letter to all Jewish Organizations that oppose the Saudi sponsored “two-state” solution to the conflict between the Jews of Israel and the Arabs now occupying Judea and Samaria—Jewish land misleadingly called the “West Bank.”

Please obtain membership lists of the organizations [listed in the article, 14 National Groups Endorse Two-State Solution] that support the Saudi Plan. Send them copies of Dr. Daniel Pipes’ article [see link below] and urge them to denounce and resign from the organizations that support that plan—a plan that cannot but lead to the demise of Israel.

Prof. Paul Eidelberg, President
Foundation for Constitutional Democracy
Former officer in the United States Air Force

Dr. Daniel Pipes
The New York Sun
November 21, 2006
“Time To Recognize Failure Of Israel-Egypt Treaty”

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