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An Urgent Public Message

The well-known Israeli Attorney Elyakim Haetzni belatedly writes in The Jewish Press: “Today, like the air we breathe, we need an organized Jewish political force in the United States that, together with our non-Jewish friends in America and the Jewish nationalist camp in Israel, can breach the siege that is closing us off.” [“Where Is American Jewry?”, March 26, 2008].

For more than a decade I have been calling for the establishment of Jewish political force, i.e., an organization, in the United States with a parallel organization in Israel, to prevent Israel’s demise—this in the same Jewish Press for which I have written more than 1,000 articles since 1988. I have given said organization various names such as a “shadow government” and even “Israel’s Future Government-USA” (IFG-USA).”

To date, IFG-USA has representatives in at least seven American cities and some 300 members. Hardly a single Jewish or Zionist organization in Israel or in the U.S. has supported this idea. As for Israel’s “nationalist camp,” it consists of ersatz groups that have yet to set forth a comprehensive set of ideas and institutional proposals to save this country—certainly nothing comparable to the program of IFG-USA or of the Foundation for Constitutional Democracy (of which I am the president).

It is with reluctance that I publish this message, but Israel is facing a catastrophe of the first magnitude thanks to its craven and treacherous government as well as the failure of Israel’s elites to reveal the need for regime change.

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