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The Left Doesn’t Stop at the Red Light: The Consequences Will Be Terrible

1. It is the eve of Shavuot, the festival that celebrates the giving of the Torah to the children of Israel; it is a time for soul-searching for the Jewish public. I would like to seize this opportunity and open some doors, before they shut down completely.

2. According to the ‘leftist world’, I am a right wing extremist, a hallucinatory who should be neutralized; that’s how they treat all of the national camp. According to another parameter, I am a Jew who lives in the spirit of the Torah (with adaptations to modern times), I fight anybody who tries to become assimilated and to assimilate me and I do not give in to anyone who violates the laws of justice and truth. Apparently, we are approaching a civil war, a fight among ‘brothers’ (and the quotation marks are significant) which is becoming inevitable in spite of its disastrous prospects.

3. Why are the chances of change so slight?

a. In the past, there was a distinction between the extreme left and the camp left-of-center; today they have all moved to the extreme left of the scale. This means that the left is united around the following solutions: a state for the ‘Palestinian People’ (i.e. withdrawal to the ‘67 borders), separation of state and religion and equal rights to the Israeli Arab citizens. The significance of all this is almost total capitulation before our enemies, in spite of the fact that against any grain of sand they get back, they would not recognize Israel as a Jewish State, and they would continue to demand the ‘Law of Return’ into the ‘green borders’ and the transformation of the State into the country of all its citizens.

b. The State of Israel was founded and recognized by the countries of the world as a Jewish State. A Jewish State, and this goes beyond controversy, does not separate between religion and nation, legal system, and culture in bond with the Torah (oral and written, with minor adaptations to modern times). I do not mean it should be a Halacha State ruled by the rabbis, but a modern state run in the spirit of Jewish values! A Jewish State cannot be the homeland of a mixed multitude, especially not of such a big minority that is waiting to join with its brethren across the border and not hiding its intentions—on the contrary!

c. A state cannot exist without a declaration concerning its borders, a description of the identity of its citizens and the affinity among them and a definition of its existential goals.

d. When parties like ‘Avodah’ and ‘Meretz’ (and maybe part of ‘Kadima’) cooperate with the shattering of the raison d’etre of the State of Israel, they create a giant schism between Jews here and in the world. This means that we cannot cooperate while the minority is 21% and the rest of the population is divided and calls itself either ‘Israeli’ or ‘Jewish’, the ‘Israeli’ part undermining everything that was created here with sweat and blood not only since 1948, but the 19th century! We cannot continue to live side by side when the minority that calls itself ‘Israeli’, no more than 15% of the population, refuses to regard its state as the Jewish State, finds itself closer to the Arab minority, demands to live without any religious decree and strives to turn the State to the country of all its citizens.

4. If the ‘Israeli camp’ were satisfied with withdrawal to the ‘67 borders in order to buy some quiet for X number of years, we could understand it, but not agree with it. If the Israeli citizens agreed to the fact that Israel was a Jewish State with a possibility for foreigners to live in it, we would accept. If the ‘Hebrew Speakers’ did not ask for a separation of state and religion, but to a modern Jewish State, we would accept. But the Israeli minority holds most of the Jewish People living here by the neck, controlling the media and making illegal use of court verdicts and decrees, waste of public money on institutions, bodies and associations that support its ways and unconditional capitulation to Western interests; here the red lines have been crossed and this won’t pass without retaliation!

5. The answer of the leftist camp would undoubtedly be the following: we held democratic elections, the majority voted for the parties composing this coalition and therefore our way is right! My answer would be as follows:

a. In 1948, Mapai and its satellite parties stole the power from the Jewish People by declaring the ‘First Knesset’ instead of the Constitutive Assembly that was elected to create a Constitution.

b. Mapai and the other ruling parties then perpetuated a rule which was anti-democratic, anti-Jewish and against the natural justice.

c. Anti-democratic: there are no true elections when the media are engaged on the side of the regime and the other camps are prevented from having their own media or access to the existing ones. When the regime grants licenses for ‘free’, for temporary television channels and radio stations, to certain people, it is clear that they would feel committed to the regime, and I’ll say no more… When the regime denies from the so called National and Religious camps any access to the media (under false pretexts), it is clear that the public will see and hear only what it is allowed to and the opinions formed will be according to its version of ‘reality’.

d. Anti-Jewish: there is no doubt that if the Western countries had known that there was no intention to found a Jewish State back in ‘48, but a state of all its citizens, they wouldn’t have voted for the founding of Israel, but for the perpetuation of the UN Mandate (instead of the British one), and would have waited for the formation of the democratic state (the way Ralph Bunch, the Deputy secretary General of the UN of those days was striving).

e. Against the natural justice: it is unacceptable that after the genocide of 6 million Jews in WWII and the death of 22,000 soldiers in battle since 1948, we would have the biggest gap between rich and poor in the whole of the Western world! It is unacceptable that within the ‘People of the Book’ the ignorance about History in general and Jewish History in particular would be total! (Where do 24 billion NIS, the budget of the Ministry of Education, go?) It is unacceptable that after 50 years of independence, we would find ourselves with a corrupt regime and after 60 years we would see that the rotting had spread among all the people who are ‘well connected’. It is unacceptable that the Attorney General of the Government and the attorneys of Governmental Offices would run the State, because politicians are afraid to decide unless investigation committees decide their fates. It is unacceptable that the Attorney General should decide not to bomb the Gaza Strip because it is against international law!

f. It is unacceptable that we should be the only country in the world that respects the rules of the game (because it is a game and not a law), while all other countries say ‘tut-tut’ and do whatever they feel like! For instance, we are forbidden to throw cluster bombs, but the missiles launched by the Hezbollah in the Second Lebanon War contained little iron balls that spread in all direction. Weren’t they cluster bombs?! Those missiles were directed only against the civilian population, while we only targeted military targets or the villages where the missiles came from. We are requested to create a Palestinian state, while we live on a tiny territory and the Arab States around us have never lifted a finger for the Palestinian people (if there is such a thing) and they treated the ‘refugees’ like animals.

6. Whoever cooperates and initiates moves against the existential interests of the Jewish People here is not my brother and I will fight him to prevent another Shoah. The State of Israel is not a laboratory and we are not guinea pigs; we cannot accept the saying of the leaders, ‘Let’s try this solution!’. They are the full fat people who have a heavy purse, a foreign passport and an open flight ticket in case the experiment fails. If they think that people like me will wait for the next ‘elections’ like in the past (elections against the law and the existential interests) patiently, they are deluding themselves! A man with the back to the wall and a gun pointed at his head will fight to neutralize the threat!

7. There is very little truth in the history written around the founding of the State: Ben-Gurion is not the one we owe the creation of the country to; it is the Holocaust survivors who joined the Palmach straight from the illegal immigration boats and fought in the ‘48 battles together with the ‘Yishuv’ forces. Otherwise the Arab Legion would have won the battle. If it wasn’t for the Etzel and the Lechi, the ‘Organized Yishuv’ would not have declared the State. They preferred the continuation of the British Mandate, but Ben-Gurion convinced them to declare the State because the Etzel and the Lechi would have done it instead and the country would have fallen into their hands. But neither Ben-Gurion, nor the others have ever dreamt of Israel as the country of all its citizens!

8. If the left does not withdraw, we will have a civil war; but contrary to what happened in France and then in the USA, even if the left wins, it will find itself in front of the Arab legions that will pounce on the prey!

I believe that the Jews will defeat both the Israelis and the outside enemy because history has proved that in the end, Good triumphs! If we follow the ways of the Lord, we will prevail!

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