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Troubling Questions and Unpleasant Facts

If you are Jewish and have a stitch of Jewish pride, are you sick and tired of hearing how this or that president, or how this or that presidential candidate, is “good for Israel”?

Has there ever been an American Secretary of State—with the possible exception of Alexander Haig, who was promptly eased out of office—that has been “good for Israel”?

Do you know of a single American politician that emphatically opposes or campaigns against the establishment of a Palestinian state? Does Senator Joseph Lieberman?

Do you realize that all this talk about how this or that American president or politician is “good for Israel” renders Israel all the more pathetic and degrades the Jewish people?

Do you realize that American Zionist organizations that lobby for Israel have had no discernible, positive impact on Israel’s government, that is, have not affected Israel’s suicidal policy of territorial retreat, hence, have not made Israel’s government more sane or more Zionist?

Do you realize that Israeli politicians that plow the field of America raising money for their political parties or political ambitions have perpetuated a system of government in Israel that is demonstrably destructive of their own country?

Do you realize that, in dollar value, Israel gives more aid to the United States than the United States gives to Israel?

So what does the talk about this or that American politician being “good for Israel” amount to? Indeed, I wonder how many American politicians are good for America, let alone for Israel!

I know the U.S gave Israel $2.28 billion last year in military aid. But the U.S. gave Egypt, a military dictatorship, almost as much, and sold tens of billions of dollars in military hardware to other Arabs states, especially Saudi Arabia, a totalitarian regime that has built hundreds of mosques in America that preach hatred of Israel. That American politicians are good for America’s military-industrial complex is one thing; that they are equally good for Israel is another.

Still, aren’t you tired of Israeli politicians behaving like schnorrers?

Aren’t you tired of how America reimburses Israel for yielding Jewish land to terrorists?

Aren’t you tired of how America reimburses Israel after its government expels Jewish women, children, and men from their homes, destroys their schools and synagogues, their farms and factories? Would Israeli prime ministers commit such unspeakable crimes if American “largesse” did not keep these politicians in power?

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