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An Urgent Letter to Opponents of Kadima

All of us are disgusted with the Kadima government headed by that “tired-of-being-courageous” Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

We shudder at the prospect of his most prominent successors:  (1)  Kadima’s scatter-brained, pro-Palestinian-state Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, and  (2)  Kadima’s Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz, who, as IDF Chief of Staff, supervised the disastrous withdrawal from Lebanon in 2000, and who, as Minister of Defense, supervised the equally disastrous withdrawal from Gaza in 2005.

Knowing, moreover, that Kadima is a haven for political hacks devoid of any ideology, we want new elections.

We know that Likud Chairman Benjamin Netanyahu, who alone can be counted upon to relegate Kadima to the political wilderness, is now favored to become Israel’s next prime minister. His record, however, is not admirable: he signed the Wye Memorandum; he voted for “unilateral disengagement” as a minister in the Sharon government; and his spin about “reciprocity” in dealing with the Palestinian (terrorist) Authority suggests readiness to withdraw further from Judea and Samaria.

But since we prefer him to Tzipi Livni, who is gaining in the polls, it is extremely important that Netanyahu restore the confidence of alienated Likud voters who may otherwise boycott the elections. Therefore, Netanyahu must assure the public, in a dramatic way, that he opposes any further retreat from Jewish land.

Since we know that the threat to Israel’s existence draws closer day by day, and that we cannot afford another timid Prime Minister, I call upon concerned citizens, including eminent rabbis and media personalities as well as MKs who profess to represent the “national camp,” to urge Netanyahu not to wait for the next election—indeed, not to wait at all to stop Israel’s slide to oblivion.

We must urge him to call now for an emergency session of the Knesset in order for him to submit a law project requiring the abrogation of the Oslo or Israel-PLO Agreement, which was violated countless times as he himself reported when he was Prime Minister.

By calling for the abrogation of Oslo now, Mr. Netanyahu will stop the Olmert-Livni-Mofaz government in its tracks. He will rally the nation behind him. He will show the world that Israel will no longer collaborate with her enemies in her own destruction.

Not only will no sanctions follow—for reasons I will not go into here—but the bold move I am urging Netanyahu to make at this juncture of world affairs may awaken the United States from its lethargy and determine who will be America’s next president!

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