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The Report of Rok-19 from Mars

Rok-19 is from Mars. He has been sent to the earth by the Martian Board of Celestial Inquiry. Alights in England day after the 7/7 Muslim terrorist attack in the London tubes. Wonders what this is all about. Goes to Oxford, its great library. Digests one book an hour on Islam: the Quran, Muhammad, the Hadith (Islamic tradition), Saladin, Khomeini, the Islamic Revolution, about the “Great Satan” (America) and the “Little Satan” (Israel).

Decides he must go the US, and Harvard library. Same stuff plus 9/11. Off to Israel and its National Library. Reads about formation of PLO in 1964 (about Arafat and the PLO Charter); about the Six Day War of 1967; about Israel’s policy of “land for peace” leading to the Oslo Agreement of 1993 and the Wye River Memorandum of 1998—and 10,000 resulting Jewish casualties, Reads about unilateral disengagement from Gaza in 2005 followed by rise of Iranian proxy Hamastan and 5,000 Arab missile attacks on Sderot.

Reads about the government’s policy of releasing Arab terrorists—7,000 since 1993, who go on to murder 300 more Jews; how the government arms and pays Arab terrorists and is anxious to withdraw from Judea and Samaria, including eastern Jerusalem. Reads how the policy of land for peace prompts willingness to withdraw from the strategic Golan Heights after 31 years of no conflict with Syria. Comes to the conclusion that Israel’s political elites are:

  1. Stupid
  2. Insane
  3. Scoundrels
  4. All of the above

Rok-19 examines Israel’s governmental system:

  1. Executive: Coalition Cabinet Government consists of 6, 7 or more RIVAL parties; corruption; average duration of government less than two years; average duration of cabinet minister 18 months. Prime Minister engages in illegal meetings and conc ludes agreements with terrorist organizations; presents these agreements as fait accomplis to cabinet. Cabinet will not veto his agreements because government will fall, followed by new elections, which means ministers may lose their posts, power, and perks.
  2. Legislature (Knesset): MKs subservient to party leaders. Citizens must vote for anonymous party slates. Consequence: MKs not individually accountable to voters in constituency elections—the practice of almost all other democracies, many smaller than Israel in size and population.
  3. Judiciary: Supreme Court a self-perpetuating oligarchy that usurps both legislative and executive powers, including matters of national security. Court refrains from upholding law banning parties that reject Israel as a Jewish State. Adopts ruling of International Court that Judea, Samaria, and Gaza are “belligerent occupied territory,” a ruling that contradicts its own previous decisions.

Rok-19 returns to Mars and issues report of his findings to the Board of Celestial Inquiry. The Board consigns Rok-19 to a mental institution.

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