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Thoughts Out Of Season II

What Israelis and Americans should know about the cravens and cretins who rule their countries:

  1. Your enormous military power is zero since your enemy does not believe you will use it.
  2. Your power is nothing if you do not strike fear in your enemy. It has rightly been said that ferocity is the ultimate guarantor of peace.
  3. Since this is beyond your leaders, Osama bin Laden and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad thumb their noses on the Great Satan and the Little Satan.
  4. How they will dance in joy when a fellow-Muslim enters the White House and converts it into a giant mosque!
  5. Imagine his first “state of the union message,” when he tells his “fellow Americans” the Sharia “supplement” the Constitution as the supreme law of the land.
  6. How the liberal media will rush to report this “breaking news.” The leaders of the ACLU will be silent, having been beheaded.
  7. Hatred and uniformity will replace tolerance and pluralism in America.
  8. Why can’t Americans hate their enemies? Why can’t Jews hate their enemies? How is it that Muslims hate not only all non-Muslims but even other Muslims?
  9. Jacques-Benigne Boussuet, perhaps the greatest orator of the seventeenth century, said in his masterpiece Politics drawn from the Very Words of Holy Scripture: “Those who love war, and make it to satisfy their ambition, are declared to be enemies of God.”
  10. Why can’t Americans, why can’t Jews understand this?

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