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ET From Mars

ET came from subterranean Mars. He landed unseen near the Lincoln Memorial. Read the Gettysburg Address … “Four score and seven years ago …” Went to the Library of Congress. Studied American history to the present day. Saw that America had lost its way, no longer the home of the free and the land of the brave. Saw that cretins and cravens had gained political ascendancy.

Stupefied by “higher education,” Americans were oblivious of their internal enemies. Nor did they know of their most dangerous external enemy—Iran-centered Shia Islam, spreading into Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Gaza, the West Bank. Iran, positioned to turn the spigot off the oil flowing through the Strait Hormuz and thus collapse the West without nuclear weapons. Iran, whose Revolutionary Guard, Shia warriors, spearhead the new Persian Empire. Dedicated—not fanatics like Osama bin Laden—but Machiavellians experienced in asymmetrical warfare, the same that trashed Israel in Lebanon,

ET went to the Middle East. He saw that Shia Iran, which could field one million warriors and control more than 50 percent of the world’s black gold, was too clever, too disciplined, too quiet, too patient, too animated by imperial ambitions to concern itself any longer with suicide bombings.

Quietly it proceeded to convert Sunni Muslims to its cause. Quietly it accumulated more proxies. Quietly, with one fait accomplis after another, it gained more recruits, control of more sources of energy vis-à-vis Israel and the United States—two nations whose massive military power in the hands of secularists was nothing compared to the growing and increasingly sophisticated religio-military power of Shia Islam.

ET saw one force in the United States and one in Israel that possessed the religious but not the military character that might stop the onward march of Shia Islam. There were the Christian Zionists in the America; but they were animated more by peace than by war. There were the Haredim in Israel, but they were anti-Zionists lacking the warrior spirit. They could hardly call Israel’s military commanders cowards or mere careerists.

It was obvious to ET that only religiously animated Jews and Americans could compete with Shia Islam. He saw that secular Americans and secular Jews lacked the stamina, the will, the religiously inspired goals essential for a long-term war. He saw that not even the instinct of self-preservation could overcome the stupidity and materialism of their educated classes.

So what could religious Jews and Christian Zionists do to prevent the demise of their respective countries? How could they develop an independent, disciplined, and professionally-led political force?

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