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How To Deal With Islamic Jihad

A day after 9/11, the present writer pondered the problem of how to deal with Islamic Jihad. Here is a brief scenario.

The President calls in the ambassadors of every Islamic country. He hands them the draft of a message and instructs them to send to it the heads of their respective states. The message reads something like this:

The President of the United States requests that you assemble your religious leaders and inform them that, unless they publicly renounce the ethos of Jihad and abrogate Islamic verses referring to non-Muslims as subhuman, the United States will take the following actions:

  1. The American ambassador to your country will be recalled.
  2. Your ambassador to the United States will be deemed persona non grata.
  3. The American ambassador to the United Nations will introduce a resolution terminating your country’s UN membership on the ground that the concept of Jihad violates the UN Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (copies enclosed).
  4. If the United Nations votes against the above resolution, the United States will terminate the existence of the UN on American soil.
  5. If any there is any further Islamic attack on the United States or on American facilities abroad, the U.S. Navy will be deployed in the Persian Gulf and Mecca and Medina will be destroyed.
Respectfully yours,
The President of the United States

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