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How To Save America From Its Enemies

1.  America is threatened by two enemies: one internal, the other external. America needs a non-governmental organization consisting of the finest minds to formulate and implement a comprehensive strategy to overcome these two enemies.

2.  The internal enemy is the university-bred doctrine of moral relativism also known as multiculturalism. Relativism is demoralizing the American people; it is eroding their heritage, their sense of national pride and purpose. Relativism permeates every level of American education. It infects the news and entertainment media. It influences all three branches of American Government. It therefore corrupts the opinion-makers and policy-makers of the United States. (This same doctrine has emasculated England and Europe.)

3.  America’s external enemy is Islamic imperialism. This enemy has two power centers: Iran and Saudi Arabia, the former involves Shi’ite Islam, the latter Sunni Islam. These two countries control most of the oil flowing through the Persian Gulf—the energy sources on which the American and the world economy largely depends. Petrodollars have built thousands of mosques in the United States and Europe. These mosques propagate ideas and values subversive of civilization: respect for human life and individual freedom as well as humane desire to resolve differences through speech and moral suasion as opposed to force and violence.

4.  We cannot expect the Government of the United States to initiate and pursue the policies required to overcome its internal and external enemies, if only because the Government has been corrupted by moral relativism. Former ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton has said that moral equivalency dominates the State Department. Also, former CIA operative Robert Baer has shown that various one-time high-ranking government officials are on the Saudi payroll via the Carlyle Group’s connection with military-industrial corporations.

5.  For these reasons—which will not be nullified by an Obama administration—a non-governmental institution must be formed to awaken Americans to the awesome dangers confronting them and their country.

6.  Fortunately, America still has the human talent and material resources to form such an organization. Here is what I propose.

7.  A three-day conference should be held in Washington, D.C. A tentative topic for the conference: “Saving America From Its Internal and External Enemies.” A possible venue: The American Heritage Foundation.

8.  Individual participants should include John Bolton, Newt Gingrich, William Bennett, students of the late Leo Strauss (such as Thomas L. Krannawitter and Will Morrisey), David Horowitz, Richard Baer, Fouad Ajami, Lee Harris, Brigitte Gabriel, Wafa Sultan, Mark Steyn, Michael Rubin, and physicists like Nathan Aviezer and Gerald Schroeder who have scholarly books on the convergence of science and the Bible.

9.  Organizations sponsoring and or participating in the conference should include the American Heritage Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute, and the Hoover Institute.

10.  Positive Goals of the Conference:

  • a.  To restore the political philosophy embedded in the American Declaration of Independence showing its relevance to contemporary America and world affairs—this, with a view to introducing courses on the Declaration throughout American schools and universities.
  • b.  To show that the ideas and values of the Declaration are conducive to human decency and human creativity.
  • c.  To raise the level of American politics by means of a pluralistic candidates transparency committee that informs the public of a presidential candidate’s education, experience in public affairs, financial resources, and relation to various organizations.

11.  Informational Goals of the Conference:

  • a.  To reveal the history of Arab-Islamic imperialism.
  • b.  To reveal the violent acts of Muslims in various parts of the world.
  • c.  To reveal the anti-American ideas propagated by mosques and other Arab-Islamic organizations in the United States.

12.  Negative Goals of the Conference:

  • a.  To refute moral relativism, showing how it contributes to pathological behavior.
  • b.  To show that “Islamism” conduces to mass psychopathy.
  • c.  To design a strategy to overcome Islamic imperialism.

Conference papers should be published separately as well as in book form and in various languages. They should be distributed to opinion-makers and policy-makers. A PR campaign should be launched to maximize distribution to the public at large.

A team of eminent individuals, including former Muslims, should seek a meeting with the President of the United States. Needed is a declaratory statement from the White House that identifies America’s internal and external enemies.

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