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Even-Handedness Equals Moral Equivalence

No one should be deceived by the allegedly “even-handed” reporting of the war in Gaza by any media such as FOX News.

Even-handedness between Israel and Hamas is but a euphemism for moral equivalence, since it places a civilized country like Israel on the same level as Hamas, terrorist organization whose Charter unambiguously calls for Israel’s destruction.

John Bolton, former US ambassador to the United Nations, points out in his book Surrender is Not an Option, that “moral equivalency” permeates the State Department.

To be even more accurate, the policy of the State Department, hence of the United States government, toward Israel and its enemy, the Palestinian Authority, has ever been dominated by moral reversal.

It should be borne in mind that Yasser Arafat, the godfather of international terrorism, was a most frequent guest of the Clinton White House—and this, despite the known fact that he was responsible for the murder of two State Department officials in Khartoum.

Another thing about “even-handed” coverage of the war in Gaza. What is a FOX reporter to say when he or she interviews Arabs who are notorious liars? But ponder the following conundrum.

The late Professor Y. Harkabi, a student of Islam and a former head of Israel Military Intelligence, advocated negotiations with the PLO and the creation of a “Palestinian state” even though he said in Arab Attitudes to Israel that mendacity is “second nature” to the Arabs, and that one may rightly regard “falsehood as an expression of [Arab] national character.” To support his contention, he quotes the liberated Arab-born sociologist Sonia Hamady, who said “Lying is a widespread habit among the Arabs, and they have a low idea of truth.”

So, all the talk about even-handed reportage of the Israel-Hamas conflict is utter nonsense or itself an exercise in intellectual dishonesty.

I’ll be saying more about this subject in my report on Israel National Radio.

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