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(October 2005)

Name Paul Eidelberg
Address (Israel) POB 23702 Jerusalem 91236 Israel
Tel 972-2-586-1207; 972-54-4928-621; FAX 972-2-586-0141
Place of Birth Brooklyn, New York
Marital Status Married, 3 children

Higher Education:

1966 University of Chicago, Ph.D., Political Science
1957 University of Chicago, MA (skipped BA program)

Founder and President of the Foundation for Constitutional Democracy in the Middle East

Academic Appointments:

1967-68 Assistant Professor of Political Science, Sweet Briar College, Virginia
1968-70 Associate Professor of Political Science, Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio
1970-74 Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Dallas, Irving, Texas
1971-72 Acting Chairman
1972-74 Institute of Philosophic Studies
1974-76 Research Professor of Political Science, Claremont Men’s College, Claremont, CA
1976-1996 Professor of Political Science, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel
1987-88 Visiting Professor of Political Science, Yeshiva University, New York

Fields of Specialization:

Political Theory
Democratic Thought and Institutions
American Constitutional Law
International Relations
Israel-Arab Affairs
Jewish Philosophy

Professional Conferences:

Shalom L’Dorot, “The Mask of Democracy,” Jerusalem, October 2005

American Political Science Association, Panel Chairman, “Does Israel Need a Constitution?” 1997
Paper: “Why Israel Needs a Constitution: A Practical Proposal”

American-Israel Economic Corporation International Symposium (New York University, 1995)
Paper: “The Primacy of Politics and Religion Versus Economics in the Arab-Jewish Conflict”

American Political Science Association (San Francisco, 1990)
Paper: “The Judaic View of Democracy”
South African Association of Jewish Studies (University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, 1990)
Paper: “The Judaic View of Democracy”

American Political Science Association (Atlanta, 1989)
Conference Chairman: “Constitutional Reform in Israel”
Paper: “The Controversy Over Judea-Samaria and Gaza”

Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies (Jerusalem, 1985)
Paper: “Beyond Conventional Public Discourse”

American Political Science Association (New York, 1969)
Panel Chairman: The New Left and the New Utopians”

Midwest Political Science Association (Ann Arbor, 1969)
Panel Discussant: “The American Political Tradition”

Courses Taught (partial list):

Classical Political Theory; Modern Political Theory; American Political Thought;
American Constitutional Law; American Government; American Statesmanship;
Whitehead’s Philosophy of Civilization; Concepts of Man; Politics and Literature;
Contemporary International Relations; The Arab-Israel Conflict; Israeli Politics;
Politics, War, and Geostrategy; Israel and the Problems of Democracy; The Democratic Mind

Publications (Books):

A Jewish Philosophy of History Israel’s Degradation and Redemption (New York: iUniverse, 2004).

Jewish Statesmanship: Lest Israel Fall. (Ariel Center for Policy Research in cooperation with the
Foundation for Constitutional Democracy, 2000) (also published in Hebrew and Russian).

Judaic Man: Toward a Reconstruction of Western Civilization. Caslon Co., 1996.

Demophrenia: Israel and the Malaise of Democracy. Prescott Press, 1994.

Our Culture ‘Left’ or ‘Right’: Litterateurs Confront Nihilism. Edwin Mellon Press, 1992).
(with Will Morrisey)

Beyond the Secular Mind: A Judaic Response to the Problems of Modernity. Greenwood Press, 1989.

Jerusalem vs. Athens: In Quest of a General Theory of Existence. University Press of America, 1983.

Sadat’s Strategy. Dawn Publishing Co., 1979.

Beyond Détente: Toward an American Foreign Policy. Sherwood Sugden & Co., 1977.

On the Silence of the Declaration of Independence. University of Massachusetts Press, 1976.

A Discourse on Statesmanship. University of Illinois Press, 1974.

The Philosophy of the American Constitution. Free Press, 1968; University Press of America, 1986.

Articles (partial list):

“Tocqueville and American Foreign Policy: With a Glance at Israel” Ariel Center For Policy Research (ACPR) scheduled for publication (with Will Morrisey) (Hebrew).

“Abandonment of Jewish Land” (ed.), ACPR, March 2005.

“Islam and Nazism: Any Connection ? ” Nativ: A Journal of Politcs and the Arts, 2004 (with Will Morrisey) (Hebrew).

“A Machiavellian Analysis of Ariel Sharon,” Nativ, September 2004 (Hebrew).

“The Self-Incrimination of Ariel Sharon , Nativ, June 2004 (Hebrew).

“The Clash of Two Decadent Civilizations : Toward a Hebraic Alternmative, ACPR Dec. 2002.

“Democratizing Islam,” ACPR, November 2002.

“Judge Barak, Egalitarianism, and the Rule of Law, ” Nativ, June 2002 (Hebrew).

“A Democratic Solution to the Palestinian Problem,” ACPR, October 2001.

“Israel: A Jewish State Without God?” Nativ, June 2000 (Hebrew).

“Can Israel Survive Its Judicial System: A Political Assessment?” Nativ, November 1999 (Hebrew).

“A Constitution for Israel,” Nativ, January 1998 (Hebrew).

“Democratic versus Martial Diplomacy,” Nativ, April, 1997 (Hebrew), August 1997 (English)

“Arab Citizenship: Netanyahu’s Dilemma,” Nativ, November 1996 Hebrew).

“Codes in the Torah: In Defense of Seriousness,” B’Or Ha’Torah: Science, the Arts, and Problems of
Modern Life (1995).

“Israel 1994: Democratic Despotism,” Nativ, September 1994 (Hebrew).

“Machiavellian Doves: Peace With Syria,” Nativ, November 1993 (Hebrew).

“Prologue to a Post-Modern Jewish Philosophy,” Nativ, July 1993 (Hebrew).

“The Rise of Secularism: From Socrates to Machiavelli,” John Murley et al. (eds.),
Law and Philosophy: The Practice of Theory. Ohio University Press, 1992.

“The Malaise of Modern Psychology,” Journal of Psychology, March 1992.

“Case Studies in Demophrenia,” The Nation, Fall 1992 (Hebrew).

“The End of Ideology and the Decline of Politics,” Perspectives on Political Science, Fall 1991.

“Two-and-a-Half Types of Diplomacy,” Crossroads, No. 34, 1991.
Articles (cont’d):

“A Judaic View of Democracy,” Crossroads, No. 32, 1991.

“Israel’s Challenge: Democracy or Authenticity?” Nativ, July 1989 (English and Hebrew),-

“Patterns in Self-Deception,” Nativ, July 1989 (Hebrew).

“Judaic Education,” The Nation, Winter 1989 (Hebrew).

“Foundations of the State of Israel: An Analysis of Israel’s Declaration of Independence,”
Judaism, Fall 1987.

“Brzezinski: A Case Study of Political Anemia,” Intercollegiate Review, Winter 1986.

“Karl Marx and the American Declaration of Independence,” Intercollegiate Review, Spring/Sum 1985.

“Racism, Pluralism, and Judaism,” Midstream, March 1985.

“Democracy and the Middle East Conflict,” Midstream, March 1984.

“Tocqueville and American Foreign Policy,” Intercollegiate Review, Spring/Summer 1981 (with Will Morrisey).

“Abortion and Capital Punishment,” Human Rights Review, January 1978.

“Herbert Marcuse and the Academic Establishment,” International Behavioral Scientist, Sept., 1970.

“Anarquia intelectal y moral en la sociedad norteamericana,” Criterio (Buenos Ares), 43:1602, August 1970.

“Between a Silent and a Tyrannical Majority,” Midway (University of Chicago Press), ll:l, Summer 1970.

“Intellectual and Moral Anarchy in American Society,” The Review of Politics, 32:1, January, 1970.

“The Temptation of Herbert Marcuse,” The Review of Politics, 31:4, October 1969.

“The Crisis of Our Times,” Congressional Record, Senate, July 31, 1968, pp. E.7150-E.7157.

“The Argonne Cancer Research Brain Scanning System,” Journal of Nuclear Medicine, 8:1, 1964
(with R. N. Beck).

Newspaper Articles:

More than 1,000 articles published in various newspapers in the United States, Israel, Western Europe, Russia, South America, Australia, and South Africa.

Research Grants: Earhart Foundation (1974, 1977); Salvatori Center (1976).

Public Lectures (partial list):

American Lecture Tour: “Disengagement” (New York, Baltimore, Atlanta, May 2005)

“Can Israel Be Preserved as a Jewish State?” Lubavitch Synogogue, Columbia, Md. 11/23/02.
“Can Israel Be Preserved as a Jewish State?” Young Israel of Far Rockaway, NY 11/16/01.
“Is Judaism Democratic?” Faculty seminar, University of Toronto, 11/29/01
“Why Israel Needs a Constitution,” University of Toronto, 11/29/01
“Can Isreal Be Preserved as a Jewish State?” Shaarei Shomayim Congration, Toronto, 12/1/01
“Anarchy in Israel,” Congregation B’Nai Torah, Toronto, 12/1/01
“Can Israel Stand Alone”? Herut-Likud Center, Toronto, 12/2/01

Approximately 40 lectures to Russian-speaking audiences throughout Israel 1998-2005. (See next item for some topics.)

Israel Center, Jerusalem, some 20 lectures on Jewish Statesmanship, the Arab-Israel Conflict, Constitutions, Democracy, Separation of Religion and State (1996-2004)

“A Torah Critique of the Peace Process,” Young Israel of Manhattan, March 2000.

American Lecture Tours (Sept. 1995-October 1996): New York, New Jersey, New Haven, Hartford, Washington, D.C., Detroit, San Francisco, Palo Alto, Phoenix, Tucson, Scottsdale, Houston, Los Angeles, Montreal.

Topics: “Why Israel Needs a Constitution”
“Shimon Peres’s Solution to the Jewish-Muslim Conflict”
“A Forgotten Warning of Yitzhak Rabin”
“Democracy and Judaism”
“A Democratic Solution to Israel’s Demographic Problem”

“Progress in the Middle East Peace Process: Divergent Views,”
Jewish Community Relations Committee, Los Angeles, February 1995.

“The Primacy of Politics and Religion Versus Economics in the Arab-Jewish Conflict,”
New York University Law School, June 1995.

“A Written Constitution for Israel,” Penina Rubinoff Memorial Lecture, Jerusalem, September 1994.

“Toward a Foreign Policy Based on Truth,” Hebrew University, September 1992.

“Determinants of American Foreign Policy,” Hebrew University, July 1989.

“Israel and Her Arab Neighbors,” Chabad, Phoenix, May 1988.

“The Peace-and-War Strategy in the Middle East,”
Wake Forest University, North Carolina, April 1988.
Radford University, Virginia, April 1988.

“The Controversy Over Judea-Samaria and Gaza,”
Bar-Ilan University New Leadership Seminar, New York, March 1988.
Public Lectures (cont’d):

“Israel’s Options in the Intifada,” Bar-Ilan University Board of Trustees Meeting, NY, Feb. 1988.

“The Left-Right Controversy Over Judea and Samaria,”
Yeshiva University Alumni, NY, Feb.1988.

“Zionism and Israel’s Declaration of Independence,” Hebrew University, July 1987.

“The Controversy over Judea and Samaria: Beyond Conventional Modes of Public Discourse,”
Hebrew University, December 1985.

“Brzezinski and Carter,” Hebrew University, August 1979.

“Dimensions of Leadership Underlying Egyptian-Israeli Peace Negotiations,”
Hebrew University, August 1979.

“Sadat’s Strategy,” Israel Defense Forces Exchange Program, Ramat-Gan, July 1979.

American Lecture Tour (Co-sponsored by the Heritage Foundation & the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, March 1979):

“US Policy in the Middle East,” Heritage Foundation, Washington, DC.
“Sadat’s Strategy,” New Rochelle College, New York
“Sadat in Jerusalem,” Arizona State University, Phoenix
“The New Arab Strategy,” University of Dallas, Irving, Texas
“US Foreign Policy in the Mideast,” Kentucky State University
“The Meaning of Marxism,” Kentucky State University

“The American Policy of Détente,” Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jerusalem, November 1978

Lecture Series (St. Thomas College, Los Angeles, July 1976):

“The Declaration of Independence, Part I: The Roots of American Statesmanship”
“The Declaration of Independence, Part II: Relativism and American Foreign Policy”
“Washington’s Farewell Address, Part I: How to Educate the American People”
“Washington’s Farewell Address, Part II: The Principles of American Foreign Policy
“Beyond Détente: Toward an American Foreign Policy”
Lecture Tour (Sponsored by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, 1976):

University of California at Davis; University of California at Riverdale
Sacramento State University; Claremont Men’s College, Claremont, California
Topic: “Beyond Détente: Toward an American Foreign Policy”
“The Meaning of Marxism,” Claremont Graduate School, 1976.

“Beyond Moralism and Pragmatism,” Scripps College, 1976.

“American Attitudes Toward the Arab-Israeli Conflict,” Symposium for Sabbaticals,
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jerusalem, June 1977.

“Solzhenitsyn and the Spirit of Helsinki,” St. Thomas Aquinas College, 1975.

“Kissinger on Kissinger,” Claremont Men’s College, 1975.

“Détente 1933: American Recognition of the Soviet Union,” Claremont Men’s College, 1975.

“On the Silence of the Declaration of Independence,”
Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, 1974
Claremont Graduate School, Claremont, 1974

Lecture Series (Kenyon College, 1973):

“The Politics of Magnanimity”
“Nietzsche on the Philosopher as Creator”
“The Rhetorical Strategy of The Federalist”
“Aristotle’s Criteria of Regime Analysis”
“Toward a Renaissance of Statesmanship,” Columbia University, 1972.

“Between a Silent and a Tyrannical Majority,”
US Civil Service Commission, Executive Seminar, New York, 1970.

“The Crisis of Our Times,” Wake Forest University, 1968.