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Olmert Abandons Israel’s Citizens—A Letter

Anyone still believe that Israel is a democracy?

But do you see how the myth of Israeli democracy colors Israel’s ruling elites with legitimacy? -P.E.

Contributed by Dov Even-Or

January 6, 2008

Olmert Does Not Protect the Citizens, But Abandons Them to the Mercy of Their Enemies

  1. The government of Ehud Olmert betrays its citizens. My claim is not based on opinions, intentions or analyses made by members of the government, but on its acts and deeds that are committed publicly; therefore this government is illegal, its decisions do not bind, and it is the right of every citizen not to obey them.In order to avoid being labeled (right wing, extremist or as representative of certain interests), I will base my opinion only on facts and pure legal analysis.
  2. Lack of protection for the citizens of the Western Negev.
    1. For the past seven years, this area has been targeted by Kassam rockets and fortunately, the number of casualties has been low; half of the citizens have left Sderot and the life in it resembles a border town’s in the Wild West. The kibbutzim of the area live in a state of war.
    2. The answer of Olmert’s government is that “we cannot shield our citizens’ homes completely, the State is not bound to offer total protection and we shall react against terrorist organizations ‘in due time’”, etc.
    3. Before discussing the political consequences of this policy, we need to clarify certain issues: it is the responsibility of a democratic government to offer maximum protection to its citizens; this is the reason why in a democracy Party A is preferred over Party B, because the voters thought that it would assure more (than the other party) individual and national security. Therefore the statement of the Prime Minister that the government does not have the responsibility to offer maximum protection to the public is a bold breach of the rules of a democratic regime and contempt towards the individual (who has already cast his/her vote for this government).This declaration of the Prime Minister has not remained in the air; it is already implemented daily in the field, i.e., there isn’t even minimal protection for the citizens of the Western Negev; moreover, part of the population lives in houses devoid of shielded rooms, and is left to the mercy of Heaven while the rockets land in the area.
  3. Individual security in daily life:
    1. The responsibility of the democratic government is to assure individual security in daily life not only against an outer enemy beyond the border, but also against theft, crimes and violence within the borders. There is no doubt that the Israeli Police has stopped protecting the citizens at least in real time (when the event occurs). For car theft and housebreaks, the Police do not even arrive at the scene. (The citizen is invited to come to the Police station and put in a complaint or a declaration of theft.) Policemen do not patrol the streets anymore, and when a girl, woman or any other citizen is attacked, the victim depends on the kindness of passersby (if there are any and if they agree to help).
    2. The Police claim that they do not have enough budget to perform regular Police assignments along with internal security tasks (such as fighting terrorists and setting up road blocks, etc.). This means that the government knowingly abandons the individual and instead of demanding the Police to perform its primary tasks, it demands it to take care of internal security, which is the responsibility of the IDF or some special unit that does not exist at all. The result is neither protection against terrorists and terrorist attacks—since the police have nothing to protect the citizens with—nor protection from thieves, robbers and ‘plain perverts.’
  4. Debt collection from the individual not via courts of law (via administrative orders).
    1. As a principle, it is unacceptable that the individual should be required to bring his complaints only to court, but the State would be ‘allowed’ to skip this obstacle and get its due by force! If the reason for this claim is that the legal system is slow and collapsing under its burden, then the culprit is the regime that does not allot enough funds to appoint more judges and more state attorneys. But the State has found a ‘brilliant’ solution: the courts will keep collapsing, the individual will wait forever for the verdict and in the meantime, the State will bypass the obstacle race track by allowing managers of public service institutions to collect the so called ‘debt’ by issuing special rules.
    2. The Minister of Finances has empowered the mayors to collect their debts by administrative orders based on a wrong and illegal interpretation of the law. That’s how it happened that the directors of Bituach Leumi, Mas Hachnasa and other heads of authorities have empowered their subordinate civil servants to collect debts this way and they have started ‘partying’. If you haven’t paid a parking ticket, even if the ticket is beyond its limitation, the authorities will confiscate all your bank accounts.And what is more serious, the mayors have authorized private contractors to collect their ‘debts’. These people have hired muscle men to go to the houses of the citizens in pairs and refuse to leave the apartments without the money for a meager fee of NIS 400-600 as payment for their services!!This is a classical situation of ‘Hast thou killed, and also taken possession?’ (1 Kings 21:19 from the King James’ Bible).
  5. Protection for the residents of Judea and Samaria:
    1. It is a well-known fact that Ehud Olmert and most of the members of his government are interested in returning most of the Judea and Samaria territories, in establishing another Arab state between the Jordan and the sea and in dividing Jerusalem into two cities! The ministers have the right to think so, but they are not allowed to carry out their aspirations without explicit consent of the people (of the Jewish citizens only!!) This is not the right place to explain in detail why a government cannot legislate a law of ‘evacuation-compensation’, because the consented annulment of the Constituent Assembly in 1949 has created a vacuum in legislation that has not been filled ever since (Former Judge Michael Heshin thinks the same). No fundamental law can be legislated without the consent of the people!!
    2. The Olmert government is not planning to ask for the consent of the people for the evacuation of Judea and Samaria. It acts in illegal and horrible ways to cause the flight of the Jewish citizens in the direction of the ‘green line’ due to daily dangers. The government, out of premeditation and knowingly turns the lives of the citizens in Judea and Samaria into a ‘Russian Roulette’ operated by murderous gangs.
    3. What is going on there? Jews are demanded to turn over their guns to the Police due to insignificant incidents and they remain unprotected. They travel by night on dark roads without any means of protection, and if they are attacked, they have very slight chances to save themselves. The identification of Arab cars from East Jerusalem with Israeli numbers has stopped. They move around freely throughout Judea and Samaria. If a terrorist attack occurs, the car disappears in one of the villages and it cannot be located any more. Massive arming of Abu Mazen’s ‘Security Forces’ with individual weapons, special jeeps and armored vehicles was carried out even though everybody knows that they do police work during the day and attack the Jews at night.The two soldiers that walked on a field trip along the Telem stream near Hebron on December 28, 2007 were murdered in a premeditated attack by a murder gang that belonged to the Palestinian ‘Security Forces’ and the off-road vehicle they were driving was donated by the USA or the European Union. They had accurate information about the presence of ‘Israelis’ in the area. (It is clear how they obtained information, but this is the topic of another article…).How is it possible that weapons are taken away from the Jewish citizens and given away so generously and without surveillance to the Arabs? This state of things is kept and encouraged by Ulmert’s government. Why should the Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria be faithful to this government, which has abandoned them to die?!
  6. ConclusionThere is a limit to every action and the deeds of Olmert’s government have gone too far, so far that they have put us in mortal danger. (This statement is not just a phrase, it is the honest truth!) Therefore, we, the citizens (of course, whoever agrees to this move) will not put our fate into the hands of the courts of law, because they won’t be able to save us, we won’t wait for election day and let them wash our brains with political stuff to convince us choose between Ehud A and Ehud B (all with the help of the Arab citizens who wouldn’t part with us, but also wouldn’t recognize our right to a Jewish State). We won’t ‘go gentle into that good night’, but will take our fate into our own hands because we want to live!The State of Israel was not established in order to belong to all its citizens and not as a pan-Arab state (‘the new Middle East’); the fact that the throne is occupied by the one who aims to destroy us makes us resort to civilian rebellion to prevent a military uprising, and if this doesn’t help, there will be no barrier to stop the anger!!

Yours truly,
Dov Even Or, Adv.

The Movement for Consolidation of the Israeli Nation (Established in 1988)
Dov Even-Or (Etshtein), Advocate
49 Weizman St—P.O.B. 312
Kfar Saba

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