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Israel Political Thought

    Mission: News and Views on Israel, the Middle East, the war on terror and the clash of civilizations.
    A Chabad-Lubavitch site and publication based on the Rebbe’s directive ‘not to give back even an inch’ (of Israel from Jewish hands).
  • ConceptWizard – Jewish History in a Nutshell Presentations
    Very informative online slideshows documenting Jewish the challenges of historical survival in Israel
  • Al Israel – About Israel
    Fascinating online slide presentations and more about Israel and Jewish settlement here.
  • FirstGov – An Independent Gateway site to US Government Listings
    Find contact data for American elected and other officials. Make yourself heard about Israel and Jewish issues!
  • Ralph’s Rant Pro Israel Blog
    A great blog on Israel, the Mideast, International Affairs and more.
  • Israel Political Science Directory
    Israel Science and Technology Homepage is the national database and directory of science and technology related sites in Israel. This page links to university departments and other organizations that deal with political science or public policy.
  • Frank Yehudi’s blog
    The Epic Journal of an Angry Oleh: From The Dark Night of The Jewish Soul and Back Again. Nominated: Best Jewish Anti-Establishment Blog of 2007; Contains coarse language.
  • EMET News Service
    Current news and analysis relating to Israel and the Jewish People.