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The Foundation for Constitutional Democracy (With Offices in Jerusalem)

I cordially invite you to join the one organization that offers a dynamic program for creating a New Israel, proud of its heritage and confident in its future.

  • Our Foundation has designed a Constitution for Israel that has won the support of religious and secular Jews.

  • The Yamin Israel Party has adopted this Constitution as the basis of its program.

  • Why? Because it has been designed to facilitate (1) Jewish Leadership, (2) Jewish Democracy, and (3) Israel’s survival as a Jewish State.

  • To overcome the ineptitude of Israel’s multi-party cabinet government, we propose a Presidential system where no member of the Knesset can be a cabinet minister.

  • To democratize the Knesset and make its members individually accountable to the people (something absent in Israel) we propose district elections, the practice of 85 out of 88 democracies.

  • To democratize a self-appointed Supreme Court that scorns the heritage of the Jewish people, we propose presidential nomination of judges with conformation by the Knesset.

  • To preserve the cultural self-determination of the Jewish people, we call for enforcement of the law barring any party that negates the Jewish character of the State.

Because the Constitution is a long-term goal, the Foundation focuses on district elections as the basic step toward this goal, a step favored by an increasing majority of Israelis.

In addition to conducting seminars in its Jerusalem educational center, the Foundation publishes policy papers which are also translated into Hebrew and Russian. Members receive these and other publications.

· So, join the Foundation.

With your support, knowledge, and experience, we can create a New Israel.

Please consider joining FCD.

Professor Paul Eidelberg, President
Author of Jewish Statesmanship: Lest Israel Fall