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There are No Self-Hating Jews

Filed under: JudaismZionism/Nationalism — eidelberg @ 8:35 am

The “self-hating Jew,” an idea bandied about especially by prominent Israelis of the so-called Right, is utterly misleading. Far more significant and revealing about that Jew is his fear or lack of courage: the courage to stand alone in a world hostile to Judaism.

And what applies to the fearful Jew applies the fearful State of Israel.

To take this a step further and deeper, however, this fearfulness is nothing less than the fear to acknowledge the existence of the God of Israel and the demands or obligations such cognizance makes on the Jewish People.

Here I want to emphasize not the commandments of the Torah so much as the courage or ability to maintain, as in former times, a pathos of distance from mankind, knowing that all other religions, whatever their contribution to the progress of civilization over paganism, are theologically untenable and lack the wherewithal to unite mankind in abiding peace.

There are no “self-hating Jews.” Only lacking are Jews who love God enough to perfect themselves in the pursuit of their world-historical mission: to relate God’s praise in every domain of existence, until mankind, in one accord, turns in peace and brotherhood to Jerusalem.