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Joseph Lieberman for Prime Minister

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An Open Letter to the Honorable Senator Joseph Lieberman
United States Senate
Washington, D.C.

Dear Senator Lieberman:

As an American-born citizen, as well as a citizen of Israel, who has written several books on American and Israeli statesmanship, I hereby, on my own volition, and without being prompted by any person or party, invite you to make aliya with a view to becoming Israel’s next Prime Minister.

Mr. Senator, this is no frivolous invitation. There is hardly a Jew in Israel that is not deeply troubled by the dearth of honest and courageous leadership in this country. A large percentage of Israel’s Jewish population fears for the survival of the one and only Jewish homeland. Appalling and yet not without promise: a very large majority of our people rightly regard Israel’s government as inept, divisive, and mired in corruption—flaws perpetuated by Israel’s poorly designed institutions.

Mr. Senator: you are admired as a man of integrity and courage by your colleagues in the Senate—both Democrats and Republicans. You deem principles more important than popularity. You understand the strategic importance of America’s role in Iraq. You know that a nuclear armed Iran could dominate the Middle East and threaten not only Israel, but America.

Since you are an Independent who regards the threat of Islamic Jihad as the fundamental issue of our time, you have been importuned to become a Republican and thereby tilt the balance of power in the Senate in favor of President Bush’s policy concerning the war on terrorism. Permit me to say, however, that you can more readily serve America in this protracted war by becoming Israel’s next Prime Minister.

I believe a team of highly qualified people in Israel—including nationally known men and women representing diverse professions and sectors of Israeli society—can be assembled to organize a successful campaign on your behalf. Indeed, so widespread is public disgust with Israel’s existing political parties, and so enormous is the “floating vote” in this country, that a well-organized campaign by a new party with a unique program could win a large plurality (perhaps, for the first time, even a majority) of the popular votes—more than enough to make you Prime Minister.

I believe that your sterling reputation as an Orthodox Jew, as well as your vast experience as a Senator of the United States, will put to rest even minor reservations about your candidacy. The good that you can do for the beleaguered people of Israel is incalculable; and you know in your heart and mind—and as do so many American Christians—that what is good for Israel is good for America.