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• Jewish Statesmanship: Lest Israel Fall
• Demophrenia: Israel and Malaise of Democracy
• Sadat’s Strategy

Jewish Statesmanship: Lest Israel Fall $14
Paul Eidelberg’s Jewish Statesmanship: Lest Israel FallAcclaimed by Prominent Israeli and American Academics

In Jewish Statesmanship, Prof. Eidelberg shows how to bridge a 2000-year gap of Judaic rule in the Land of Israel. With erudite knowledge of ancient Jewish history and Scriptures on the one hand, and political science on the other, he outlines a path to establish a modern political system for Israel compatible with the moral principles set forth in the Hebrew Bible.

The subtitle of the book, Lest Israel Fall, rightly predicts that if Israel’s current system of government is not drastically modified, the modern State of Israel is doomed to disappear as a Jewish state. Description of the failures of the current system of government, together with suggested practical solutions impresses on me the feeling that Prof. Eidelberg is the modern-day prophet warning Israelites to set their ways in the light of the divine guidance provided in the Scriptures.

Jewish Statesmanship is must reading for every Jew concerned about the future of the Jewish state. As the only comprehensive blueprint that sets forth a national political strategy for Israel, my hope is that Israel’s political leaders will adopt and start implementing it. The subtitle states the choice: Lest Israel Fall!

Professor Israel Hanukoglu,
Former Science Adviser to the Prime Minister of Israel

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Demophrenia: Israel and the Malaise of Democracy $20

Demophrenia: Israel and the Malaise of Democracy
In my book Demophrenia: Israel and the Malaise of Democracy (1994), I subject to critical analysis the mentality of some of Israel’s political and intellectual elites. To contend, as I do, that they are suffering from demophrenia is to say they suffer from a syndrome which is more or less evident in every democracy. For demophrenia is a compulsive and antilogical application of the democratic principles of equality and freedom to ideological conflicts in which one party denies those principles.
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Sadat’s Strategy $16

Sadat’s Strategy
Reveals Egypt’s phased strategy for Israel’s destruction now being pursue by Yasser Arafat. Parts of this book were read by former MK Moshe Shamir in Israel’s Knesset. A real shocker!

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More Jewish Statesmanship Reviews…

Paul Eidelberg, distinguished scholar and president of the Jerusalem-based Foundation for Constitutional Democracy, is one of the world’s leading thinkers on Israel and Jewish philosophy. His Jewish Statesmanship: Lest Israel Fall now being published in a second edition by The University Press of America remains the single clearest and most important elucidation of Israel’s existential flaws. Focusing upon the country’s multiple bases of social and political disintegration, Eidelberg underscores with real precision the most fundamental flaw of all: A misconceived idea of democracy that undermines Judaism and the Jewish State. Unlike the many pundits who write and speak with no underlying knowledge of Israel and its problematic survival, Dr. Eidelberg brings to his analyses a wealth of genuine erudition. Jewish Statesmanship remains a classic in its area indeed, THE classic in contemporary literature dealing with Israeli/Jewish continuance amongst relentlessly murderous enemies.

I admire Paul Eidelberg enormously and unreservedly for his contribution to dignified Israeli/Jewish survival. Jewish Statesmanship is likely to remain the benchmark for this particular genre for a very long time. It should be read by all who wish to voice an opinion on Israel that is informed and persuasive.
Louis Rene Beres, Professor of Political Science and International Law,
Purdue University

from a review:
In todays world of political spin and mendacious media coverage, this refreshing and lucid book elaborates upon the fundementals of how and why a Jewish government should and must function.

If you desire to understand the malaise that is gripping the Irsael that we know, and would like to be an active participant in creating a Jewish government that reflects the ideals of the Jewish People, this is a must read.

He attempts to overcome the dichotomy of religion and secularism as well as other contradictions of Western civilization by means of a philosophy of history that uses thoroughly rational concepts and is supported by empirical evidence. Eidelberg elucidates that characteristics that make Jewish law particularly suited to reopening the secular mind and elevating democracy’s formative principles.

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More Demophrenia reviews…

Typically, the democratic principle of equality is imposed on unequal, indeed, radically different, political regimes or ideological realities. For example, during the “Cold War,” various theorists of international relations assured us that the conflict between American democracy and Soviet tyranny would fade as the two superpowers “converged” ideologically into some comfortable conformity of opinions, interests, and institutions. As in schizophrenia, these theorists assiduously avoided the stressful reality of ideological conflict and substituted their own “fixed ideas” or calming illusions for perception. “Convergence,” is one, “conflict resolution” another. Evident here is the moral egalitarianism of demophrenia.

The world recently saw, however, that the end of U.S.-Soviet conflict required some partial democratic transformation of a communist dictatorship. It should therefore be obvious that a salutary end to the Israel-Arab conflict will require a democratic transformation of the Arab-Islamic dictatorships of the Middle East. Yet, despite the sudden and shocking collapse of Soviet tyranny–which no “convergence” theorist could possibly anticipate–political scientists (and policy-makers) in the free world continue to impose their fixed ideas about “conflict resolution” and “confidence-building measures” on the even greater ideological antagonism that underlies the Israel-Arab conflict.

Now, “confidence-building measures” between Israel and her Arab neighbors implies moral equality between these ideological adversaries. But since Arabs are not pacifists and do not suffer from the moral egalitarianism or relativism underlying demophrenia, confidence-building measures inevitably leads to unilateral concessions on Israel’s part, which means appeasement. This is the consequence of applying democratic principles to ideological conflicts in which one party rejects those principles.

As George Orwell and Winston Churchill understood in the 1930s and 1940s, one cannot oppose totalitarianism–rightist, leftist, or Islamic–with indiscriminate egalitarianism and libertarianism that never gets ready to stand up and fight against the enemies of democracy. Indeed, demophrenics busy themselves inventing apologies for their enemies—explaining Arab stoning and stabbing of Jews as mere “frustrations,” rather than as manifestations of implacable hatred, let alone of evil. By ignoring evil, those afflicted by the moral egalitarianism or relativism of demophrenia diminish love of country and a willingness to sacrifice for it, which is indispensable to any decent nation.

When the founders of the American republic proclaimed, in the Declaration of Independence, that all men are created equal, they also affirmed, in word and in deed, that all ideologies (e.g. Toryism) are most emphatically not equal. Only a “genial orthodoxy” based on truth, something not subject to negotiation, can enable a people to combine, in right proportions, kindliness and severity. Neither kindliness nor severity can exist in a mind steeped in democratic relativism—only sentimentality and animosity.

The relativism that by turns tries to tolerate enemies of democracy and malign democracy’s non-relativistic friends or friendly critics is perhaps the most prominent symptom of demophrenia among the educated, especially in Israel. The mentality of Israel’s post-Zionists, so many of whom hate Jews and Judaism, yet fawn over Arabs, has been conditioned by the cultural relativism long-propagated by Israel’s secular universities. Therein is the explanation for Ariel Sharon’s demoralizing statement-uttered while suicide bombers were reducing Jews to human debris- that he does not think in terms of “black and white.”

And then there was Ehud Barak’s inanity that had he been born an Arab he would have been a terrorist!

With demophrenic prime ministers like this, is it any wonder that Israel is going down the Road Map to oblivion?