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Judaism Politics

The link between Judaism and politics has always been a complex subject, and constantly it’s been evolving through the years, with many changes in the Jewish society. In Judaism Politics, there are 4 main periods, biblical, rabbinic, medieval and modern.

Biblical – The Biblical period is prior to the Roman rule and in the Hebrew Bible, the Judaism Politics is a very common topic. There are described many political leadership models such as the priesthood, the prophets and the royal throne. The tribal federation and the limited constitutional monarchy are models of political leadership as well.
Rabbinic – The Rabbinic Period starts from the 100 BCE and lasts until the 600 CE. In this period, the Jewish communities were guided by some rabbinical courts, called Sanhedrin, which was the highest governing body.
Medieval – The Medieval Period starts from 600 CE and lasts to 1800 CE. In this period the Jewish government was known as Qahal (Kahal), which had the control of the Jewish communities, divided by regions.
Modern – The Modern Period starts from 18th century and it is still lasting till present day. In this period the Jewish government of Kahal, was abolished and Jews stared to participate actively in larger social and political domains. Jews become citizens of many states with different political systems and they all wanted to form their own state, so the link between the Judaism and Politics changed in various guidance and directions.

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