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Judaism versus Islam


Prof. Paul Eidelberg

Ponder the significance of the following contradictions between Judaism and Islam in relation to the pronouncements and policies of Israeli prime ministers.

1) Whereas Judaism exults in life, Islam exults in death.

2) Whereas Judaism abhors blood, Islam makes a fetish of blood.

3) Whereas Judaism exalts peace, Islam exalts war (jihad). (Churchill called the Koran the “Mein Kampf of War.”)

4) Whereas the dove (yona) is the symbol of Israel, the sword or scimitar is the symbol of Islam.

5) Whereas the Torah is replete with the word “love,” that word, according to Prof. Moshe Sharon, does not appear in the Koran.

6) Unlike Judaism, Islam proselytizes (as of course does Christianity).

7) Whereas Judaism affirms a multiplicity of diverse nations (together with universal laws of morality), Islam regards any non-Islamic nation as “infidel” and part of the “Camp of War.”

8) Unlike Judaism, Islam does not recognize national borders.

9) Unlike Jewish law, which regards vows with non-Jews as binding (unless violated by the other party), Islam regards any vow with “infidels” as utterly non-binding.

10) Whereas Jewish law is especially protective of women and children, adherents of Islam do not hesitate to use women and children as cannon fodder — as in the intifada.

Note the logical connection between the ten mentioned characteristics of Islam: They signify a militant and expansionist as well as savage creed. This was admitted by the 14th century liberated Arab historian Ibn Khaldun.

If this be granted, all efforts to establish genuine peace with the Arabs are as futile as it was for Chamberlain to establish peace with Nazis. Peace has to be imposed, which can only be accomplished by conquest followed by fundamental changes in the character of Arab regimes. For more information you can contact Foundation Blog on